Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Models Own Sale

Yes you heard right, Models Own will be hosting a sale on their website as soon as they get 100,000 likes on their facebook page. I remember this time last year they held a sale for reaching 50,000 likes and it was awesome! I spent about £80 and bought loads of stuff for my sisters birthday (and plenty for me of course) This is what helped me build my Models Own nail polish collection, and I have lots of new polishes added to my wishlist!

Along the way, Models Own will constantly be holding giveaways, usually for liking statuses or answering questions and so on, I wonder whether they will be holding nail art competitions at all? I'd love to see that anyway! I think last year one of the giveaways was every single nail polish of theirs! 

So, everybody must spread the word! Blog, tweet, post a status, whatever your favourite social interaction is these days, get everyone over to their facebook page and start liking it! Giveaways start at 80,000 likes, and they're almost there! They need to reach 100,000 likes by 30 September, so we have just under a month! Just think, quality nail polishes for £2.50.........

Just a heads up, the minimum spend before discount is £25 but I'm sure everyone will have no problem reaching that! Also, the new mirrorball polishes will be excluded from the sale. And finally, P&P isn't included in the discount.

What's your favourite Models Own products/shades? I think I'll post about mine in the run up to the sale, get me more excited haha :)