Tuesday, 20 March 2012

March Glossybox - Harrods Edition

Obviously this post is really late. I actually got this the day after they shipped it out, so I was probably one of the first people to receive their box, and I took the photos on the day of, but never got round to posting them. I think the contents of my box were the same for many others and seems to be the most popular and common contents. Overall I think I will get use out of a few of the products in this months box, but I really want to cancel my subscription, because I just think it's not cutting it anymore. I've kept subscribed hoping the boxes would be more tailored due to the beauty profiles, but as of yet, they haven't been. That £12.95 a month adds up, and I don't feel it's worth it now! I don't think I'm alone in that, what do you think about Glossybox/beauty boxes at the moment?

Burberry Miniature Lip Cover - Rosewood No4: "This soft satin lipstick offers intense moisture and luminous long-lasting colour for fuller lips."
I really wanted to receive this after seeing pictures from the Press event as I'm such a lipstick fiend. It is definately adorably sweet, as the case is no bigger than my thumb! And it still has Burberrys classic packaging and and print on the lipstick itself. They seem to have spared no expense on producing these mini samples, and that is quite impressive. Unfortunately, the shade is too brown toned for me, brown shades really do not do well on me, but the other shades I've seen in other boxes aren't too nice either. Feel like they've put out colours that they aren't too bothered about really! Maybe that's a stupid opinion, but this shade 'Rosewood' definately won't work on all skintones, for instance, I'm extremely pale and it washes me out. Although the swatch makes the shade look very brown, it has a tiny bit more pink in it, and a bit of a gold/bronze sheen also. The lipstick is quite creamy and applies to lips with ease and just glides on. Also the size is perfect for people who don't want to lug loads of cosmetics around with them and will just fit in any size bag with no problems. Overall, I just wish it was more of a neutral colour, more of a pink colour or such.

The lipstick is the thing I wanted to talk about most. Molton Brown is a well known high end body/bath/fragrance brand, so this is welcomed with open arms! It is 50ml, but the bottle is teeny! I didn't think I would like the scent, probably just because I saw the word ginger. But it's quite florally and invigorating. Again, also the perfect size for travel. The YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum is probably very popular amongst people but I haven't tried it as of yet, has anybody else? Have you noticed any results?

I was so glad to see a big bottle of Clarins body lotion, once again, ANOTHER body lotion Glossybox? REALLY? Sigh..... Anyway, I adore clarins, and they seem to be one of the only brands that actually make my face/skin feel nice. I've just put some of these body cream on the back of my hands, and they already feel softer, smoother and more firm. And they smell yummy and fresh! The last product was a sample of Narciso Rodriguez - For Her perfume sample, which is the first fragrance released from the brand. It's not my sort of scent, it's a bit musky, but not terrible! I will probably pass it on to my Mum.

Overall, it's an alright box, and I saw other boxes I thought were interesting, the ones that included Lancome Hypnose mascara samples? And Shu Uemura cleansing oil samples? What did you receive? Do you think the hype of beauty boxes is long dead now? I'm pretty much thinking that now..

Thursday, 15 March 2012


I can't believe I waited so long to purchase this polish. Its Nicole by OPI, and part of the Kardashian collection. This shade is called 'Khloe had a lam-lam' and I just love the name! There are quite a few nice colours in the collection, but this is the one that really stood out for me. It's a dark racing green that leans teal in the bottle but for me it ended up more green when on the nails. It's a gorgeous colour, I had to build up 2-3 coats to make sure it was even, but it was totally worth it. Coated with Seche Vite Topcoat, it looked so glossy and shiny. Unfortunately my pictures don't show how nice it looks on nails. My boyfriend even kept staring at them, and he never gives me the time of day with my make-up or nails haha! I think it's probably a boy colour, and reminds him of a car colour maybe that's why ;) 

Thursday, 8 March 2012

BuyaPowa - Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh EDT 75ml

One of my favourite fragrances, light and floral with a twist. Such a beautiful bottle, even to display on your dressing table! And this price is a complete bargain, save over £10 on RRP! I thought I'd let you all know, as it's too good a deal to pass on!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Just want to say..

A little hello and thank you!

I've recently gained quite a few new followers over the past couple of weeks, and even though it's not thousands (I'm really not bothered!) it means a lot that anybody would want to read my ramblings! Which I apologise for, once I get going, I don't stop...

I've been wanting to start a blog for almost 2 years now, but never got myself into gear, and I'm so glad I've finally started, as it's the one thing I'm really enjoying right now. So although people always whinge about people blogging for free stuff or popularity or whatever blah blah blahhh, right now I'm blogging for me. I've had a very rough few months, and hopefully I'm coming to the end of it now. So this is a nice escape, blabbing about the stuff that excites me. And all you lovely people reading this right now obviously share the same feelings about it ;) Seriously, I always go on about make-up to my boyfriend and I know he would literally rather jump out of a plane without a parachute than listen to me go on about it! So thank you all for putting up with it! :)

I also want to say thank you to anyone who takes the time to comment on my posts, I love reading them, you're all so nice! BUT I have a problem with my replying to comments. I have tried e v e r y t h i n g but I can NOT get the reply function to work on my posts! I have tried every single thing on google when I searched for help, and nothing, nada. I was hoping anybody would know a HTML whizz that could guide me in the right direction! I might have something wrong with my layout template, but seeing as it took me so long to make, I'd rather not have to start again! :( Plus it's effort haha. But I really want to be able to reply to comments properly so people will see the replies! I don't like to come across as rude and as if I'm ignoring anyone.

And one other teensy little thing, can you all tell me, when you look at my page, what is the alignment of the layout? Is is central? Or off to the side? And can you tell me if you're looking at my blog on PC or Mac or phone etc. I think I have a problem with it, and it's bugging me! So if anyone could take the time to let me know I would be forever grateful! 

I hope you're all well, and I'm going to try and have lots more variety of posts coming up. Is there anything you would like to see particularly? And if anyone has ANY idea on the reply situation I will love you for eternity! (Sorry!)

MAC Shop Lipstick Comparisons

Once again, the photos are playing up, these shades lean more blue, and I Like It Like That at the end is more lilacy than brown! Siiiighhh. Anyway, when swatching Saint Germain is a lot closer than Viva Glam Gaga, just lighter and brighter. I found that Revlon Matte in Stormy Pink was also quite similar, not as pigmented and a tiny bit darker, the last two, are a no-go! I swatched Florida for colour reference, but unfortunately it's not showing so well! Not happy! 

L-R; Innocence, Beware! Hue, VIVO Barely There, YSL Rouge Volupte 01, Sleek Barely There, Creme Cup

I figured that Hue would be pretty much the same as I.B! and I was right, although I.B! is more pink than Hue, and a cremesheen, I don't really NEED them both. When swatching, VIVO's barely there lipstick was quite a similar shade, just darker - the lipstick feels like a lipbalm/lipstick hybrid, so maybe this is a cheap alternative if you're looking for something similar. Obviously the other swatches just get darker, but I really don't wear nudes. I swatched Creme Cup as it was the other lightest MAC lipstick that's most similar, but obviously it's a lot more pink. I think Creme D'Nude is more peach based, and Myth.

L-R; Quick Sizzle, NARS Schiap, Topshop All About Me, Lickable, Show Orchid, MUA Shade 3, NYX Addis Ababa, Models Own Deep Fuschia

Ahhh.. isn't it beautiful?! I'm seriously still loving a hot pink lip right now, and I am so so glad I picked up Quick Sizzle, as hot pink and matte lips are beauuutiiiful! But here are the other hot pinks I have that are similar. Right, well..... NARS Schiap is pretty much the same... (Oh the shame) but It's still not as pigmented, and I don't really like the formula so I might sell it! Plus it's not helpful seeing as it's more expensive than MAC, but then again it is a permanent colour if you need it in your life. Topshops All About Me is a bit more red in the flesh. Lickable is Quick Sizzles lighter, glossier, safer cousin. Show Orchid is still a bit more purple/fuschia based, and has a blue/purple iridescence. MUA Shade 3 isn't that similar, but looking at it, I think it's quite similar to Girl About Town. NYX Addis Ababa matte lip cream is also quite similar, but obviously a totally different finish and formula. And Models Own Deep Fuschia is a totally different type of pink! 

Hope that helps if you've missed out at the moment, or don't want to pay the price for MAC. If you know of any other similar shades or dupes, tell me about them, or link me to any of your posts! 
I also promise I will post about some stuff other than MAC soon! 

Shop MAC Cremeblend blush - Florida

I just want to say straight away, that for some reason, when I upload the pictures onto here, the colour of the blush is a lot different, and I've tried saving it in different ways, but I have no idea whats going on! The colour is a lot more blue based - think MAC Pink Nouveau, that sort of shade. This picture here (from Temptalia) is pretty much right when I wear Florida on my lips.

I ordered this from Debenhams' website, getting 10% off and free delivery, can't complain! Once again, I thought the packaging of the blush was in the print from the collection but it was just a sleeve like the lipsticks. Anyway I'm sure I'll live! As soon as I opened the case I was in awe! Such a beautiful colour, and I love pink, seriously anything pink. If it was a pink toilet brush I'd want it, sad but true. I don't usually wear pink blushers as they just make me look flustered and hot! But like I said - as it was pink I had to have it. I first tried it on my lips, and oh wow it's like wearing a lipstick, I loved the colour. So creamy and yes extremely similar to Pink Nouveau which is one of my favourite lipsticks. So this is right up my street. When trying it on my cheeks, I did look a bit flustered unfortunately, but I think I was a little heavy handed. So I'll keep working with it, I'm going to make sure this baby doesn't go unloved!

This is a pink shade for everyone, I know mid to dark skin tones would look great sporting this. And I think pale skintones wise - definately blonde and blue eyed. Although when I tried it earlier I wasn't wearing my 'war paint' and as my skintone is uneven it might look a lot better when I'm wearing my foundation. Maybe I can make it look a bit doll like!

As with cremeblend blushes, natural oils like to seep out of the product, which is why there are usually droplets on the surface of the product. I hate it when this happens, it just reminds me of sweat for some reason haha gross! Fortunately mine wasn't like this yay, but when this does happen you can just use a clean finger and wipe over the top, or take a brush and just swirl around the palette and it should mix it all back together. Cremeblend blushes are definately very pigmented and creamy, and they last longer than powder blushers. I don't know the longevity of this particular blush as I haven't worn it all day yet, but they're are usually about 4-6 hours on average (approximately). This is also a repromote cremeblend, and will probably be repromoted again in the future.

If you're looking for a similar shade and this has sold out, try Illamasqua. I was looking on their website for similar shades and found 'Laid' and thought it looked pretty much the same, and then I googled for swatches as I don't actually own it, and I found this post, and look! They're really close! Yay :)

Out of curiosity, do you own any cream blushes by MAC and/or Illamasqua? Which do you prefer? I still need to buy a cream blusher by Illamasqua! Recommend me some shades :)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Shop MAC Lipsticks

Finally got my hands on some! Had to order these from Selfridges, ordered another one from MAC but I had to ring MAC up to find out that even though they took my money once again it was out of stock but they would re-order it in for me. This is not the first time this has happened, and if it's "out of stock" yet it goes through and takes me money, they really need to sort themselves out. Also I thought the whole box in the Shop MAC collection was printed, not just a slide on cover. Boo! Anyway, rant over. Keep reading to see what shades I picked up.

Innocence, Beware! (Cremesheen) - Described on the MAC website as 'light yellow pink'. Which is pretty accurate. I always thought that when this came out with the Venomous Villains collection it was more of a nude, more similar to Myth or Creme D'Nude. I find that when I wear this it's quite similar to Hue, which is the only other lightest nude shade I wear as I find they wash me out. 

Naughty Saute (Cremesheen) - Wasn't sure whether to pick this up or not, as I already have Viva Glam Gaga, and St Germain, and when I saw it was described as a 'Bright Pepto Pink' I thought it might be too much, but it is lovely! I blotted it right down and put lipbalm on top earlier and it was a bit more purpley, so it's definately very blue based and a lot cooler than Viva Glam Gaga.

Quick Sizzle (Matte) - I really didn't need to buy this, as I already have NARS Schiap, and a few other hot pinks, but it's just so beautiful I couldn't not! I love it already, so creamy and suits me yay! MAC website just describes it as 'Bright Pink' but it's a blue based hot pink. Pretty much the same as NARS Schiap, more vibrant and pigmented though. And similar to Topshop All About Me which I posted about, but when I swatched them next to each other, All About Me leaned more red. But I'll post a picture of the swatches seperately. I totally recommend this lipstick if you don't really have any bright pinks, as it will definately suit all skin tones, seeing as I'm as white as ghost. I reckon this would look SO good on darker skins, like BAM in your face haha, beaut! It's matte, but not drying, and you could always add balm or a gloss if that's not your style.

So I have one more lipstick to come, and I ordered a cremeblush from the collection on Debenhams website (10% off and free delivery - hello!) So I will post them when they come, and do a comparison swatch post :) I also got 2 nail lacquers, one from the Chen Man collection (Force of Love lipstick is sold out everywhere :( ) and Lazy Day from Vera collection, which I love! So I will also post them up aswell!

Have you grabbed anything from the new collections? Eyeing anything up? Or don't the collections do anything for you? I've just counted all my MAC lippies, and I now have 35! Oh dear...

Monday, 5 March 2012

Urban Decay Naked 2

Yes I know, I'm late to the party. But only because I wanted to be! I don't really spend loads of time doing eyeshadow, but when I do, they are usually nudes and from my first Naked palette or from my small collection of MAC shadows. I kept thinking about this palette, and when I get in this sort of mood, I end up NEEDING it. So I saw it was a up and coming co-buy in Buyapowa, I knew I had to keep my eye out for it. Unfortunately, the email was sent saying it was available ten minutes too late and they were all sold out. (Nice one Buyapowa, not the first time either...!) Luckily they listed again and I was bang on it! So I got this baby for just £26, which is £10 less than the RRP. Not too shabby.

The lipgloss that comes with the palette, shade name 'Naked'. It's plumping, which I really do not like. My lips are an alright size, and if I wanted them to sting or tingle I'd go and play with a wasp! The colour is really pretty and neutral, so great for everyone, but I really think they should of just stuck with their eyeshadow primer - can't go wrong, I've got loads of half empty ones from all their palettes, and all the outside of the packaging is scratched and worn away, so a new one would of been good. Seeing as I use MAC Painterly as a base now, I probably won't be buying a full sized primer potion anytime soon.

Foxy, Half Baked, Bootycall, Chopper

These first 4 shades are definately too warm for me. Putting yellow shadow on eyelids, YU CRAZEE! And it's also not very pigmented and chalky. Half Baked and Chopper look almost identical in pan, but as you can see Chopper is a bit more copper. Bootycall is an alright highlighting shade and I'll get use out of this shade. HB and C are very pigmented, even with one swipe. What you usually expect from Urban Decays shadows.

Tease, Snake Bite, Suspect, Pistol

I heard that Tease was chalky and not very pigmented and it definately is :( as it's a matte shadow, it takes a lot of building up. I love this shade, but it's too chalky and more difficult to work with. Snakebite, Suspect and Pistol are three of my absolute favourite shades in this palette, all beautifully metallic and pigmented. You can easily create quick and easy looks with these shades. I used Snakebite and Suspect along with a few others last night (on top of Painterly), as I was in a rush it was nothing spectacular, but they all blended well and looked gorgeous together, so I'm impressed and happy with these shades.

Verve, YDK, Busted, Blackout

Verve is quite silver based, don't get me wrong, it's a gorgeous colour, but looks quite random in the palette. Lovely as a base colour also. YDK is extreeeemely pigmented, and has glitter in also. Busted is a dark brown, but a lot cooler in tone than Snake Bite. Blackout is the matte black in this palette, a colour that most people were looking forward to. In pan, it has glitter in, but when swatched it's not AS noticable. I find it very chalky and not that pigmented, but probably a little more pigmented than MAC Carbon. Still on the look for a matte black that wows me. 

The double ended brush that comes with the palette. I got the applicator brush in the original Naked palette and I do use it, so I will probably use this aswell. Although when trying the crease brush I wasn't too impressed, but I'll have to try it again. 

The case is metal and hard-wearing. I thought it would close magnetically, but it snaps shut and you have to really pull it apart to open it. Has a long large mirror inside, good for touch-ups I suppose, but I won't be using it as I don't carry palettes around with me. I do like the packaging a lot more than I thought I would, when seeing pictures of it I wasn't overly fussed about it, as I do love the velvet and magnetic fastening on the other Naked. 

I would prefer to de-pot all the shadows from both my Naked palettes and put them together in a Z Palette or something similar. That way I can easily mix the shades from each and find more combinations a lot easier. Because I will only usually get one palette out and just use shades from that instead of combining them or using MAC/other shadows aswell. I don't have the stomach to do it though! Even though I know I would prefer it so much more! 

I am glad I purchased this palette, unfortunately I think it's not excited people as much as the original, and Urban Decay have tried to make it different, and the outcome wasn't as expected. A few of the shadows quality aren't up to scratch, which doesn't answer the question "Do I need both?" It's totally your preference. For me I only really use nude shadows now, so I think I'm all set eyeshadow wise, and I have found a few new favourite colours from this palette.

At the moment Debenhams are offering 10% off Beauty & Fragrance until 11th March, and free delivery is also available. So if you're interested in this palette, you can purchase it online from Debenhams for £32.40 right now. Or it's available from pretty much anywhere, including; House of Fraser, John Lewis, HQHair, etc.

Did you give in and buy this palette? Or are you still deciding? Do you think it's worth having both?