Sunday, 4 March 2012

February Favourites

Can't believe it's March already, when you get old it flies by..! Sighhh. Anyway, these are the products I've used consistently throughout February, most are my daily make-up items now. Looking forward to seeing what new stuff March brings!


MAC Matchmaster foundation 1.0 - Matches my skin colour perfectly, (FINALLY!) stays matte and lasts all day, my definate favourite foundation at the moment.
Sigma F82 - Perfect with my MSFN, and the F80 with my foundation, finally been converted to using brushes with my foundations.
Clarins Extra-Firming Day Cream - Leaves my skin soft and not oily, which is a problem I have with every single moisturiser. I actually got this in the post from some company, but there no letter or anything in :/ just a random sample! No more will squeeze out, so I've had to cut it and there's still plenty in there!
TheBalm Frat Boy Blush - The perfect combination of peach and pink, leaves a lovely dainty flush! 
Illamasqua Cream Pigment Hollow - The perfect contour colour for me, doesn't look orange, taken me so long to find the right shade! I love it, wouldn't be without it now.
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - Couldn't say enough good things about this, covers my bags, redness and any spots. This badboy is forever a keeper!


MAC Paint Pot in Painterly - Use this every single day without fail, with or without shadow. Love how creamy it is, just covers any uneven skin tone on my lids and around my eyes.
Benefit They're Real! Mascara - Really makes my lashes look black, I wouldn't say they make my lashes look really long or perfect, like falsies, but good enough. I got this for Christmas, and I'm starting to think it's drying out now - keeps making my lashes go clumpy and stick together, not separating them like before!
LOOK Long Last Liner Eye Brightener - Again, I use this every day without fail. Perks my eyes up instantly without them looking over the top like they do when using white eyeliner. My eyes don't look as red or as tired now. So glad I found this!


NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Addis Ababa - Such a lovely texture on the lips, so soft and creamy. A lovely bright pink, would suit all skin tones. Wear time isn't so great, but I forgive it because I just adore it! Really makes lips look plump and just lovely :)
MAC Pink Nouveau - I've just had a sudden craving for bright pink lips recently, so if I haven't worn the NYX Lip cream, it'll be this or MAC Chatterbox or Speed Dial or something. This lipstick is a satin finish but I think it looks and feels pretty matte. Really creamy, as if I've put loose pigment on my lips! Great statement lips without being too OTT.


Soap & Glory The Daily Smoother Body Butter - I've got to say from what I've tried recently I haven't been impressed with S&G's venture into cosmetics, but their body & bath products I will forever love! Starting to use up this body butter, as I have tonnes, and it smells lovely and does the job!
Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola! Perfume - Such a gorgeous smell, I'm so in love! The perfect mix of floral and fruity. Perfect spring scent, so delicate and feminine. Plus I'm in love with the bottle design, fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, and it's just so pretty, I want to carry it everywhere haha. I have to say I'm disappointed that the scent really doesn't last long :( I aways have to spray LOADS of perfume and top up all day long, so people can literally smell me coming! And this just does not last :(
Morrocan Oil - Okay, I officially love it. My hair is shiny all time time, and feels so much softer after I use this. My hair's not in great condition anymore, but this is a great start.

And because I'm so clever, I forgot to photograph my nail choices! 
Nails Inc Porchester Square - Lovely creamy and fast drying, it's a grey that seems to lean different colours in different lights. Looks lovely under Rainbow Connection too.
Nicki Minaj for OPI Fly, Pink Friday, and Metallic 4 Life - Might just have to purchase these as full sizes. Fly is the nicest turquoise, I'm totally smitten with it at the moment. Pink friday is just so girly I love it, and Metallic 4 Life is an easy way to 'toughen' up an outfit ;) Sort of.

So those are my favourites! Looking forward to finding new stuff in March, got my eye on Real Technique brushes, MAC Shop lipsticks (coming soon eek!), Topshops Sister of the Moon collection, and Sleeks Blush by 3 - I tried the 'Lace' Palette out in Superdrug a few weeks ago, and I'm kicking myself that I didn't pick it up! Oh well, more shopping to do :)

What were your favourites this week? Leave your links!


  1. I really want a new perfume, think I might give Oh Lola a try, just cause the bottle is so gorgeous.

    Where did you get the Look pencil from? So sick of my white liner haha, need something like this :)

    Laura xoxo

  2. Also random question, where is your Duvet cover from? I'm guessing it's your duvet haha? It's gorgeous :)

  3. @Laura-xo

    I do recommend Oh, Lola it's lovely! I usually have fruity smells, but this has floral scents in aswell, and it's just the right amount :)

    I got the look pencil from Superdrug, Look have cosmetic stands in bigger superdrugs now, I really recommend their products! But I know what you mean about white liner, it is a bit too much sometimes!

    Ooh, I'm going to comment on your favourites, because somethings caught my eye ;)

    And yes it's my duvet cover, need to change it haha, it's from IKEA :) I got it last month for about £17! :) x

  4. Think I might have to give it a wiff when I'm in Boots :)
    Thank you, I will have to have a look in their tomorrow. It really is, especially at 9am haha.
    And, I think I'm going on a trip to Ikea now haha.

    Laura xoxo@Natalie

  5. Love your favorites. Soap & Glory have amazing body stuff, haven't tried any of their makeup yet though, Morrocan Oil is a miracle worker with my hair! xx

  6. i love this post! there are so many products you've made me want to try. especially the mac matchmaster and the sigma f82 & f80 brushes.

    i'm having cravings for briiiiight pink lips too! i'm on the look out for topshops brighton rock and i think im going to purchase barry m's shocking pink tomorrow - i can't wait any longer!

  7. @Laura-xo

    Haha be good in Ikea, I end up going crazy! And then a hot dog afterwards, good day out! Haha

  8. @Misseblog

    Ah thank you :) I'm really gutted with their make up so far, but loads of other people have given it all rave reviews. Could be a marmite sort of thing!

    Same, I'm so glad I got morrocan oil in the end, worth the money! Xx

  9. @alivingdiary

    Haha I don't know whether to be sorry or say you're welcome ;)! I always gush about matchmaster now, so in love with it!

    Oh I have Brighton Rock, it's lovely! Maybe look at topshops new lipstick offering - All About Me, very hot pink, it's gorgeous! I've posted about it before!