Thursday, 1 March 2012

Soap & Glory - Supercat Eyeliner Pen

I finally got my hands on Soap & Glory's Supercat black eyeliner pen, after hearing a few people rave about it. Firstly, I do love the packaging, I think that's what everyone seems to remember S&G for. I wear black eyeliner every single day, and I've recently been converted to gel liner, but sometimes I need a quicker resort when I'm in a rush (nearly every day..) I've never found my perfect eyeliner pen yet, there's always something that's wrong with it! So when I tried this, I was in love. The nib is thick, but not overly thick - you can produce thin lines aswell as big flicks, whatever you want. It is extremely black like it states on the box, and it stays black. It really is very easy to use. Perfect right? NO!

I have a problem with my eyes watering quite often, and I yawn A LOT. Again, causing my eyes to literally pour. This eyeliner does not handle this well. Ending up with big black smears under my eyes, and caught up on my eyelid and crease is not sexy. Using a primer and Fix+, nothing seemed to hold it without it smearing, after half the day, I had black hood lines on my eyes. I know pandas are totally cute, but I really don't want to resemble one thank you very much! I keep wanting to love this, but for me, any eyeliner that smears that badly is a big thumbs down. I spend so much time on my eyes, and always have more emphasis on them, that to have black and smeary eyes is a waste of time and money, and really doesn't help my attempts to look half attractive! (siiiigh)

Unfortunately, it looks like the quest for the perfect eyeliner pen is still on :(
Can anybody recommend any? I've just ordered Bobbi Browns black gel liner from BuyaPowa, and I think I'll stick with gel liner for the moment! 
Have you tried Soap & Glory's sidestep into cosmetics? What do you think? So far I'm disappointed!

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