Wednesday, 29 February 2012

MAC Fresco Rose Paint Pot

After finally purchasing MACs Paint Pot in Painterly and loving it, I wanted to try out some other shades. I managed to win this brand new one on eBay for just under £10. I know it's unfair, as this came out with the Tartan Tale collection in 2010, but I did see another on eBay, and these do float around in blog sales aswell! Basically posting this, because I've gained 3 paint pots in a very short time, and am looking to expand my new little collection. 

Fresco Rose is a gorgeous shimmery pink, which leans warm. When I looked at swatches online, it looked cooler and more purpley, so a lot more blue based, so it was a bit of a surprise when I received it and swatched it. I love how creamy paint pots are, I was so surprised at the texture when I first tried them. I'm not sure what I was expecting, as they always looked so hard, I didn't get it! But the first word that definately comes to mind IS creamy. They glide on to eyelids with such ease whether you apply with a brush or your fingers. They can be used on their own as a shadow or as a base, which is what they're more commonly used for. 

You may of heard the names 'Painterly' and 'Bare Study' thrown around everywhere, these are 2 of the most popular shades MAC have to offer, and the other 2 I own. Painterly is a nude colour, and I sometimes use this just on its own with my eyeliner, as I find it just evens out colour and skin tone, or as a shadow primer. Bare Study is a shimmery cream colour, and can also be used on it's own or as a base. The shimmer in Bare Study can intensify a similar coloured eyeshadow placed on top if you want that extra punch with your eyes. I will post swatches and looks with them soon enough, but I can't recommend these two shades enough, as they're very 'safe' colours, and ideal if you are wondering what all the fuss is about!

Back to Fresco Rose, I've only worn it on it's own so far, but it would look so nice with a dusty rose shadow on top. A downside about some paint pots, is that when worn on their own, they tend to crease during the day, due to them being a cream formula, especially if you suffer from oily eyelids, (oy vey! :( ) but I put it up with that because other than that I can't fault them! I have read about them drying up around the 2 year mark, some sooner. As they come in a glass jar, you don't get the most airtight result you would hope for, but there are lots of tips online if you do have problems with this. I've just read that they should be stored upside down, (name label on top), as the moisture reaches the bottom or something, so I'm going to keep them stored like that now!

Excuse the next picture, I couldn't resist playing around with it before photographing!



  1. The name of this really caught my attention but it's such a beautiful colour! Someday, I hope to invest in a MAC paint pot. :)

  2. @Sarirah

    It is gorgeous, I feel really bad for posting it haha. I have seen this on blog sales and ebay though, so they do float about :) x

  3. hey, im really interested but i live all the way in malaysia. if u dont mind shipping it to me. please get back to me. thanks :) xx

  4. This is very similar to maybelline color tattoo in Inked in pink