Thursday, 2 February 2012


Neglecting my cuticles a bit... :( Anyway, this is a Nails Inc polish, in the shade 'Cromwell Road'. It's a very light nude with a tiny hint of shimmer in. Really pretty and not over the top. I prefer creme polishes, I'm not a huge fan of shimmer but I love this. It's so natural and perfect for everyday work. 

On a side note - I got my Nicki Minaj OPI Mini Polishes in the post today finally! Love them, I'll post pictures of them shortly. On another sidenote - I have wellll over 200 nail polishes, (not bragging, I'm running out of room! I think I'm mad!) but do people like seeing stuff about nail polishes and nail art? Because I do a bit, so I could post some stuff and swatches and stuff if anybodys interested! 

Any good polishes out at the moment you can recommend? Always open to more haha


  1. Really gorgeous colour, very versatile!

    Drea xo

  2. Thanks! Really loving nudes again at the moment x