Monday, 20 February 2012

Topshop Lipstick - All About Me

This lipstick has been available for a while, and I've had in my possession for a while also. One of Topshops more recent shades, All About Me, is a vibrant blue based pink, with a matte finish. Housed in Topshops typical simple illustrated white metal case, and it's signature sweet smelling scent, this is a colour not for the faint-hearted. 

I don't really have many bright pinks similar to this, my collection plays host to NARS Schiap, MAC Show Orchid, and Models Own Deep Fuschia (Pretty similar, just a bit brighter and more creamy). When trying these against All About Me, they are quite a bit more blue based. I do believe this is quite similar to MAC Girl About Town, but I don't own it, so I can't say for certain, it is definately close, just knowing from knowing the shade off of the top of my head. So if you're not sure about bright shades, but have your eye on Girl About Town, maybe give this a look? 

I now own 8 of Topshops lipsticks, shame I know.. And I do love their finish, all matte and not drying in the slightest. The box itself says matte finish moisturising lipstick, for me having the driest lips in the woooorld, I don't find it moisturising, just creamy and not drying. I also love the satisfying click I get when putting the lid on the case, sounds really sad! I've just had a thought - Because the case is metal, and whenever I hold it, it's always cold, so maybe it will be better in Summer? I could be totally wrong, but it's a thought! 

A definate downside about this lipstick, is the bad thing about Topshops packaging, with it being white, it gets dirty reeeeally easy. It always looks battered after being in your bag once or twice, and I hate it when products looks really used! It can get scratched aswell sometimes. Their packaging is like NARS, where fingerprints just seem to stick like glue, but it's only a small negative to buying it. I also find that this lipstick really stains my lips, which is always a bit annoying, but easily fixable. 

I don't really get away with bright lipsticks, but I seem to just get away with this shade. I think it is definately a bright pink that will suit all skin shades. Will be perfect for summer! Definately a festival colour, when you need to detract from untameable hair ;)! Seeing as I own a fair few of Topshops lipsticks, I obviously recommend them. If you don't like scented products, then steer away. To be fair, they have a smell which I can't put my finger on, a mix of sweets and rose?! (Help me here!) But if this shade isn't your cup of tea, definately try other shades in store, they have some gorgeous colours, and their lipsticks are only £8 which don't break the bank.



  1. Oh my that is such a wonderful colour.. may have to get that very sooon..

  2. It is really pretty! I totally recommend it :) x@Daisy