Saturday, 18 February 2012

MAC Lip Swatches

This is most of my collection, I do have plenty of others I didn't get round to photographing. As you can see, lots of them didn't come out too great! They're pretty rubbish to be honest... I don't have the right lens at the moment, plus I did some at the wrong time of day, nice one! But I thought I'd post them anyway, and then try getting round to re-photographing them and adding the others. And when I actually sort myself out and make my blog a bit more functional, I'll add a link, and constantly update new purchases. Everyone loves a good old swatch, so hopefully when they're all decent they'll help somebody! I would love to do this for my nail polishes, but I have well over 200, and I think it would probably take me nearly a year to do it...! For reference, I'm basically a NC/W15 sometimes paler :( 

What MAC lipsticks are on your lists at the moment?


  1. this are just so pretty I have some of these colors. and love how you swatted them .
    great post new follower by the way

    Invite you to stop on by and check my blog out

  2. Good to see what they look like on someone with my skintone. Show orchid and utter fun are next on my list.