Friday, 17 February 2012

VIVO Baked Blush - Peaches and Cream

Once again I ended up in my local Tesco store yesterday. Which is never good for my purse. Constantly buying things that I don't actually need... So after browsing the clothes section, (there are a lot of nice chiffon blouses at the moment, I've picked up 3 now!) I headed to the next best section - cosmetics. I then found myself at the VIVO stand at the end of the aisle. Straightaway my attention was drawn to the baked blushes. There were 4 shades in total, I believe they were all more of a pink shade, so this shade caught my eye. It's a warm peach shade, with a small hint of pink, which completely warms up complexions. When swatching the product, it felt soft and smooth, and the colour pay-off was great. Very pigmented, with a light sheen. For a product that cost £4 the pigmentation is amazing!

For me, the packaging just doesn't really do it. I also have a lipstick from the range, and I really don't like the casing for it. Quite big and chunky, and the cheap metallic look, which also appears on the back of this blush. I do like the clear lid where you can see the product, because the blush itself is beautiful! I am quite besotted with it to be honest! I would really recommend trying out these blushes, if you love a blush that isn't matte, and will you give you a natural glow without looking like a disco ball(!) for £4 you really can't grumble. Check your local tesco when you're next shopping! Make-up and food? The way to most girls hearts!

Looking a bit trampy, and you can't really tell the colour on my cheeks, but hopefully you get the idea...?! I'll try and do a better picture.

Have you bought anything from VIVO yet? What do you think of supermarkets branching out into clothing and cosmetics? Any other high streets gems you could recommend?


  1. I have this and think its lovely for the price! Like you said food and makeup-perfect :)
    Ashlie x

  2. ooo this actually looks like a really nice blush, im not a blush person but im def thinking of trying this now :) x

  3. Couldn't agree more Ashlie! I want to try their highlighter next, it's only £5 and when I swatched it, it was really pigmented! x

    I recommend it Grace! The other colours look really nice too, but I'm more of a coral/peach coloured blush girl :) x