Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Popping my cherry..

My blogger cherry :)

My name is Natalie, 21 years of age, living in Essex, work full-time in retail (ugh! But on the look out for something better - someone please hire me!) Have a boyfriend, been with him for nearly 4 years now, scary... :) I also studied fashion at college, but decided not to go to uni, might of been a mistake! 

I love make up, always loved it, but only over the past year or two have I really become obsessed with it. It's sort of taken over my clothes obsession! Always on the hunt for the perfect foundation or mascara - always that "holy grail" product. I've been wanting to start a blog for the past year, but never really had the guts to do it, I have a tumblr if that counts... But I'm giving this a go :) I'll post about products I try, whether they be good or bad! Tutorials and tips, and plenty more. 

In this day and age, I personally find that I'd rather read a blog to find new products to try rather than a recommendation in a magazine, which is strange as I've spent most of my life buying magazines every week! So I hope to contribute to the moving times, and produce a blog that's worth reading :)


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