Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Could you please answer my blog poll? :)

As I would like to try and do more on my blog and make more of an effort, I've added a poll to my sidebar to get some suggestions. Wondering what people like seeing on blogs? If you have any ideas, leave a comment or e-mail me :) I really want to make some more collages of trends and looks, but I don't have photoshop anymore! So it's not that easy unfortunately, but I will find a way!

I know I would like to maybe do a video of my dressing table/storage as I looove looking at other peoples, but I know some people hate this sort of thing? I know I've put a lot of time into getting it how I want it and I think this is how most people feel about theirs! We all know how stressful it is if you don't have the room or the storage capacity for your collection, and it's taken me ages but I'm almost happy with it haha.

I hope you are all well, at the moment I'm living off the last of my wages, but I'm dying to get my hands on some of MAC's By request collection, ahh MAC why do this to me?!

Oh and check out my blog sale,  I'm very poor and need funds haha! I'm going to TRY and detach myself from some of the hundreds of nail polishes I own and update it with them too!

Thank you lovelies :)


  1. I'm the same too! I start temping next week so won't get paid for 2 more weeks *gah!*

    1. Ahh sucks, I get my final 2 weeks pay on tuesday so it's got to pay all my bills, so I'll be skint again until I get some work :( ughh, hope your temping goes well! x