Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Iris Apfel for MAC - Flamingo and Comparisons

Trying to get this lipstick was a bit of a nightmare.. I ordered it alongside Party Parrot from the Iris Apfel collection from MACs website. I did it the day it came out, alongside another lipstick from the Glitter & Ice collection. Anyway, they took my money and over a week later they sent me 'Such Flare!' the third lipstick I ordered, but no Iris Apfel ones! I was not happyyyyy. So I got straight onto customer services, and spoke to two different girls, (who were both really rude!) and they both told me that they had sold out and I wasn't going to be receiving them. Which I argued about saying I ordered it the day it came out, and they sold out a good few days after, so I should be entitled to my money's worth I gave MAC?! They were basically no help and said I'd get a refund and email about it, I received neither! So getting all panicky, (stupid really..) I rung again yesterday and spoke to a lovely man who told me they had all been dispatched in different parcels and I WOULD be receiving them! Sooo I finally got them yesterday, so happy, anyway let's move on...

"A colour collection inspired by a rare bird who has always been ahead of her time, Mrs. Iris Apfel. Subject of her own exhibit at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and larger-than-life star, Apfel boldly mixed flea market finds with haute couture decades before doing it was considered de rigueur. M·A·C presents Lipsticks, Beauty Powder and Eye Shadows with as much fabulous flair and joie de vivre as the woman who helped create it."

The lipsticks in the range are all very bright, and not for the faint hearted! They include 4 limited edition shades, and one from the permanent range.

From L to R;

  • Flamingo (Lustre) - Light milky bright coral (Limited Edition)
  • Morange (Amplified Creme) - Loudmouth orange (Permanent)
  • Party Parrot (Matte) - Bright red-pink (Limited Edition)
  • Pink Pigeon (Matte) - Bright cleanest pink (Limited Edition)
  • Scarlet Ibis (Matte) - Bright orange-red (Limited Edition)

Flamingo Lipstick. It was only sold on the MAC website, unfortunately all the shades apart from Morange have now sold out. I know so many people are dying to get their hands on the lipsticks, but my only advice at the moment is to check blog sales, ebay, any forums with american bloggers, as they have it in their stores over there, and some will be happy to pick it up for you if you send them the money. Keep trying the website, and ringing up in case they have any returns, you never know!

I have a few lipsticks in my collection which I thought might be similar. It's not very helpful because a few are limited editions... But I don't really have many coral lipsticks to be honest anyway! I will have a lookout for more high street alternatives.

From L to R;
  • MAC Flamingo (Lustre)
  • MAC Costa Chic (Frost)
  • MAC Cut A Caper (Lustre) - Limited Edition
  • MAC Ever Hip (Cremesheen) - Limited Edition
  • Topshop Ooh La La
  • Sleek Pout Paint Milkshake

When I actually wear Flamingo, it is a lot more pink than in the tube, I don't think it's that recognisable comparing the tube to swatch to be honest. So any coral lipsticks are too orange/peach based. Costa Chic might be good if you blot it down. And it's not really a lipstick, but the Sleek pout paint in the shade Milkshake is quite close, but obviously it's a cream sort of finish. I think mixing the Sleek pout paints would be a good alternative to create the other bright colours in this collection. 

So there you go, I hope it helps a bit, probably not :( ! 



  1. I adore Iris! I've heard a lot of people whinging about why she is Mac worthy I just assume they have no idea who she is. I think she's amazing and her lippies are so gorge!


  2. I agree! I think this collection was great, they needed more advertising about it and I think it should of been in stores! I really wished I'd purchased pink pigeon before it sold out, but I managed to grab party parrot instead! x