Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Morrocanoil. Worth the hype?

I've gone a bit mad on Buyapowa lately.. And even though they're all good deals, it hasn't done my bank balance a favour! I bought this from the site last week. I got it for £21 and £1.50 postage, and seeing as though on lookfantastic, the 100ml is £30.45 I thought it was too good to pass up. 

After seeing this all over the bbloggersphere, I really wanted to try it, as I had been using a small sample of the Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment and was pleased with the results, soo I might as well of invested in this!

The box alone excited me! I think because the bright blue/turquoise coloured packaging just made me instantly think of tropical summer holidays mmmmm... The bottle is brown glass and comes with a screw top, but also a pump dispenser in the box, which does dispense quite a bit when you use it.. but I do prefer it to just pouring it out.

The oil is a yellowy-gold colour, quite thick in texture. With a bit of a masculine scent, only slightly, but it's a nice smell anyway. I rub it all over my hands and just run it through my hair when wet, and work it through the ends of my hair mostly. You can put it on damp or dry hair, but I put it on before blow-drying to help protect it a bit more.

My hair is always a lot smoother and less flyaway and frizzy when I use this, but it's not a permanent fix for me, probably because of all the dye my hair has seen over the years! So I think it's a great product for people who have used dye on their hair lots over the years, to help condition the dry ends and help it from being as brittle.

I think the price tag is quite hefty, and so if you're new to hair oil, maybe try a sample of the Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment as I did. I got it from my hair salon for £5 and it's lasted me ages. The Macadamia oil can also be used to rub into your hands or elbows and dry patches in stuff, so it is multi-use. Or lookfantastic sell a 25ml version of this for just over £12 if you're interested. There are plenty of other hair oils available, for instance the L'Oreal Mythic Oil which Glossybox put out a few months ago.

Just a heads up - Buyapowa have got a few listings for the Morrocanoil and lots of their range coming up over the next few weeks, and they always put up Macadamia products too, so it's worth a look!

(Also.. the Naked2 Palette is going up soon, as well as YSL Shocking Mascara! I'm first in line!)


  1. Thanks for reviewing this, makes me want to buy it even more!

    e x

  2. It's alright :) Thanks for the comment! It is worth it, so if you want the full size you should sign up to buyapowas newsletters and you'll get an email when it's available :) Much cheaper, and postage is only £1.50 aswell! x