Thursday, 31 May 2012

Bourjois 1 Second Polish Remover

If you haven't heard or seen this product yet, then where have you been?! I don't know you could escape it, seeing as it's been on pretty much every blog! I've had this for well over a month, and it's been well and truly tested, so I thought I'd add my two cents. 

I have a similar product to this, which I bought from Boots aaaages ago. I found it to be pretty rubbish, so when hearing about this, I didn't really expect much. After reading a few reviews, I thought it sounded like it was worth a try, and ventured out to try and find it. BUT NO SUCH LUCK. It was sold out in every single Boots and Superdrug I went into, it was impossible to find! I ended up ordering from Boots' website, as I desperately wanted it - You see, I'm a child.. When I can't have something, I want it so much more! 

When I finally got my hands on it, I was surprised to see how big it was. This is probably due to the other similar remover is a tiny little pot, but either way it's not huge, and feels like it's houses more polish remover inside. When taking off the lid, you are blown away by the strong polish remover scent - which definately confused me, as everyone was saying how much it smelled like fruit. I persevered though!

When dipping my finger in, the sponge is incredibly soft, and very wet, which is a good thing! Because obviously the wetter is, the easier the polish will come off, and the longer the remover will last. I would say, that sometimes if you have cuts on your fingers around your nails, sometimes when you dip your finger in, it can make it sting, just something to note! 

I wouldn't say it takes a second to remove, but when I use it, I dip my finger in, and just twist slowly, and it pretty much removes all the polish in one go. And when removing my finger it leaves a very sweet fruity smell, which I absolutely love! I didn't believe that it would, but it really honestly does! Using this product has made me want to change my polish constantly, because it's so quick, easy and convenient to remove. Rather than going through the hassle of using tonnes of cotton wool and scrubbing away, it takes 30 seconds to do a whole hand, and it's left smelling gorgeous! 

As for glitter polish, I've tried it once. I was wearing Models Own Ibiza Mix at the time, and I had to let my fingers soak for a bit longer, and twist quite a fair bit. It did finally come off, but obviously the glitter was all left inside the pot, and when I used it for a while after, every time I pulled my finger out, the glitter would come out stuck to my finger! It was like this for a little while, but it's okay now. Meaning the glitter is either stuck inside the sponge somewhere or just sitting at the bottom of the pot. 

All in all, this is a great product, good value for money, and worth the 'hype'. Great for impatient people like me! It's £4.99, so could be deemed expensive for some people as there's only 75ml. But I think it will last for quite a while, and you can always top up with some other polish remover if need be. It's worth a go, I think it's definately re-ignited my love for nail polish, just because it speeds up the process for me. So I'm totally glad I purchased, and would re-purchase over and over again.


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  1. great review. i wish I could pick this up because it would make my life so much easier.

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