Sunday, 27 May 2012

No7 Vital Enlightening Highlighter

Firstly, hello! Sorry it's been so long, I'm a bad blogger :( I have a lot of catching up to do.. so lots of my posts will seem like old news, but hey I'll get up to speed as soon as possible!
I don't really have any news, boring.. except it's my birthday tomorrow, meaning new things to play with! :) And my boyfriend will be taking me shopping at the end of the week hopefully, Westfield shopping centre won't know what's hit it... ANYWAY, moving on, I've got a little review here if you're interested!

I got this a month ago now, so I'm sorry as I think it's sold out now :( I had been eyeing this up for a while whenever I went into a boots store, but I always put it back down. Even when I had a £5 off No7 voucher, I forgot to go and get it! Either way, I was looking for a few things on the website and saw that this was still on the site, and it had been reduce to £6.50! From the £13 (?) it had been when I saw it in store. BARGAIN! So without hesitation I popped it into my online basket, and it soon whisked its way to me. 

Firstly, the packaging is so sweet, the floral print reminded me somewhat of Celia Birtwells artwork. It's so gorgeous to pull out of your bag and have on display. It's just plastic, but it doesn't look cheap or tacky or such. It also has a huge mirror inside the lid which is a helpful bonus. The other thing that caught my eye in store was obviously the floral pattern of the powder itself. Very reminiscent of Laura Mercier and Guerlain's highlighting powders which have been very popular. It was just too pretty to want to mess up! I soon got over this, and swiped the product to find it is buttery soft and incredibly pigmented. A gorgeous shimmery champagne colour, with not too much glitter, and not too gritty, but very soft and fine.

It leaves a gorgeous youthful glow, and this is my go to highlighter now. Although it's very similar to lots of other highlighters if you're looking for this sort of product. I feel that the formula of the product is close to Topshops Sunbeam highlighter as that's just as soft, it's obviously a lot more yellow/golden. I know MAC Lightscapade is a similar colour, and there are a few other MAC mineralize skinfinishes with the same shade. 

I have just ordered Illamasqua cream blush in lies, as it's a silvery pink highlighting cream, and I've been looking for a silver based highlighter for a while. So I'll see if it matches up to this one!

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