Sunday, 27 May 2012

Models Own x Hed Kandi - Ibiza Mix

Just a quick swatch, Left = 1 coat, Right = 2 coats

Another product I got over a month ago... I searched for this polish high and low in every boots store I could, and still I never see it! So I resorted to ordering it from the boots website along with some other products I couldn't find in store. 

I saw the press release for this aaages ago, and it wasn't mu cup of tea. Don't get me wrong, the colours in this collection are all gorgeous, but as I'm so pale I just can't pull off a neon orange as well as tanned girls! In the press release pictures, this polish looked like it was black with multicoloured glitter, so it was a surprise to find it was a clear glitter - a nice surprise though! 

I've used this a few times so far, and find that it goes really well with lighter pastel polishes, such as Models Own - Utopia, and 17 - Woo Me. I think it works better with these tones due to the glitter actually being pastel, and not so bright and in your face. I think it's absolutely gorgeous though, and it's the perfect summer glitter!

If for some reason, you don't own this yet, I recommend you get it! It's different to other glitters I've seen, and believe me, I own way too many! 

Have you got this and/or others from the Hed Kandi collection? Have you got any good combos I can try?

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