Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Forever 21 Beauty: Blushers (and dupe!)

I think the reason I purchased these was for the packaging of the box... Anyway, these are two blushes I bought from Forever 21 when I went to the Westfield in Stratford. I was browsing round the accessories area, (which is amazing by the way!) when I came across their beauty section. Now I haven't really heard of Forever 21 beauty anywhere, but I was still intrigued. I saw these boxes, with the cute heart print and had to pick one up. Luckily they had some testers, and when I swatched them I was seriously impressed. Really pigmented and not chalky at all. Not bad for £2.40 eh! There was only 2 colours there,  (I've checked the website and they're the only 2 on there as well) and I couldn't decide on which colour to get, so I had to get them both, OBVIOUSLY.

Now, the packaging of the blush itself is really boring, plain black plastic case but then the blush itself is quite small within the palette. It only has 2.8g of product compared to let's say, MAC which is 6g. But then again, the price is worlds apart! But the quality is not... It's the same size as a MAC blush, but has a flat lid, and the plastic is matte rather than a shiny black finish.

These don't have colour names, the box for the pink one says 'pink' and the coral one says 'blush' (?!) but the coral blush is a new favourite of mine, and I've been using it constantly over the past few weeks. It's a gorgeous coral with yellow toned shimmer, but gives me the most gorgeous natural looking flush considering the colour. It's also very similar to a beauty heavyweight, as my swatches will show you :) The pink is brighter in pan than swatched, but it's probably very comparable to other pink blushes around and I probably have similar in my collection. 

Left to Right: Pink, Blush 

Left to Right: Pink, Blush, NARS Orgasm

As you can see, the colour is pretty much the same as NARS Orgasm, it's a tiny less pink and has a lot less shimmer, but it's so similar! It's also very similar to Benefit Bella Bamba, just again a little less pink, and it is the same colour as MAC Fleet Fast that came out with the recent Hey, Sailor! collection, FF has a lot less shimmer, but it's not that noticeable when worn.

I should of really swatched all of them together so you could of seen, but because they're all so popular, lots of people will have one or more of the similar shades I've mentioned! I've been using the F21 blush, MAC Fleet Fast, and Benefit BB the most recently, this shade suits me down to the ground. I know that I can just whack this on and it'll look fine, natural and flattering. Which is great as I'm always running late! This kind of shade is flattering on so many skin tones, I'm as pale as a ghost and this puts some life into my cheeks! Another thing, blusher is my current obsession, so be prepared for plenty of blusher posts!

So if you're looking for a cheap blusher and/or a cheaper alternative to NARS, MAC, or Benefit, look no further! :) 


ps. Just want to apologise for the quality of the pictures, had camera trouble for a while now! Another reason for my lack of posts, but thank you to everyone who reads and comments, they seriously make me smile :)


  1. They look really nice, I have Nars orgasm but I always love a dupe!

    1. They're such a bargain! A cheap back up? :)

  2. Wow! I bought a F21 palette and it was great! Thanks for this review! Now I know what to get from F21 c:

    1. Ooh was that an eyeshadow palette? I so so recommend these!

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