Saturday, 9 June 2012

Groupon Offer - MeMeMe Cosmetics

When I logged onto my laptop this morning, one of the emails that caught my eye was one of the many Groupon emails I receive daily. There's an offer for a voucher to use on MeMeMe's website. £18 for £45 worth of goods. 
MeMeMe is a brand I don't really ever pick up products from if I'm being honest, I own one of the blushers and a nail polish but that's all. The blusher is actually really nice, and I should use it more often, so I am tempted to buy the voucher and try some more products!
I thought I'd post this offer up here to let anyone who's interested know! As you can see, I've opened a few products to have a look already ;) Click the picture to go there!

EDIT - I've now caved..

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